Formatting a Notes Field

You can use the VA Custom Fields Wizard to add a notes field that includes text formatting (font face, font size, etc), list formatting, and paragraph formatting to a standard form in the application.

For example, you can use this feature to add formatted help text to the forms in the application.

The toolbar below will display above the notes field.

Follow the steps below to add a formatted notes field to a form in the application.

  1. Open the VA Custom Fields Wizard form.
  2. Select Add Custom Field and then click the Nextbutton.
  3. Complete the first few fields in the form.
  4. Select Text in the What is the general type of input? field.
  5. Check the Use a predefined data type box.
  6. Press F4 in the enabled field and select bFormattedNotes from the list that displays.
  7. Click the Next button.
  8. Make sure that FormattedNotes is still selected in the Control to use field.
  9. Complete the remaining fields in the wizard.
  10. Open the form that you added the formatted notes field to.
  11. Position and size the formatted notes field.

    Once you create a custom field, you may need to reposition it on the form.

    1. Open the form that you added the custom field to.
    2. Select Tools > Move Custom Fields from the menu at the top of the form. The Custom Field Instructions window displays to the right of the form.
    3. Click on the field and then drag it to the desired location.
    4. Optional: Resize the field.

      You can increase the width of custom fields, and you can change the width and height of notes and formatted notes fields.

      To resize a field, move the cursor to the edge of the field until it changes (), click and expand the field, and then save the change.

    5. Click the Accept button in the Custom Field Instructions window to set the field.
      • Added fields appear as the last column on the related grid and cannot be repositioned. Formatted Notes fields will not display in the grid. More
      • If you want to move a custom field to a different tab, you can do so via Field Properties, System Overrides tab.