About the VA Audit Log Viewer Form

Use this form to view the changes to the Master Audit table (HQMA).

You can filter for records by company, table, field, or the user who modified data.

You can view audit records with this form, but you cannot add, update, or delete any data. Once you filter for records, the grid displays the table name, key string, company, action (add/update/delete), old value, new value, modified date, and user name.

Note: If you are using the UD module, all UD tables display in this form if you set them for auditing (the Auditing box is checked in UD User Table and Form Setup for the specific table). For UD tables, however, if there is datatype security associated with a record, and if you do not have access to that datatype, you will not be able to see that data on this form. Tasks

Viewing the Master Audit Log Using the VA Audit Log Viewer