Setting the Processing Time for Scheduled Changes

Set the processing time for scheduled changes.

After you schedule a data change for a field, the system processes the data changes on a daily basis at a set time. You can set the time for this processing job so that it does not interfere with any system backups or other jobs that you might be running.

To set the processing time for scheduled changes:

  1. Log onto the Viewpoint Server and select Start > Programs > Viewpoint Construction Software > Configure Remote Service. 
The Viewpoint Server Configuration program displays.
  2. In the Scheduled Changes section of the form, enter the processing time in the Process Time field.
  3. Click OK to close the Viewpoint Server Configuration window. 
The system will now process and update scheduled data changes at the time you specified.

    Once you have set the processing time for scheduled changes, you can monitor all scheduled changes in the system using the VA Scheduled Changes form.