About Types of Users

Learn about the types of users.

Note: To set up users, you must have access to the VA Password form.

There are two types of users that you can create in Vista:

  • Vista - The user can access to only Vista™ by Viewpoint. See Setting Up Users and Creating a Trusted Connection Domain User.

  • User Application - This user type does not occupy a license and cannot be used in the Vista client to log in to the application. It is recommended for use with third-party software applications that need to access the Viewpoint database. The system assigns the VCSUsers SQL role to this user type, which provides access to views only (not tables) and which does not circumvent datatype security.

If you're using datatype security, assign this user to the security groups that will give the third-party application the appropriate access to secured data. If you're not using datatype security, you can still use this feature.

Important: Any third-party applications you have set up to use a different user type can be left as is or you can change them to User Application if they're not also used to log in to Vista.