Migrate Users to Trimble Construction One

Migrate existing Vista usernames to their associated Trimble Construction One user account, and enable single sign on (SSO). The steps on this page apply only to Enterprise Admins in Trimble Construction One organizations.

  • You must have security access to the VA User Profile form.
  • In order to use the utility, you must be an Enterprise Admin (Vista, Team, or otherwise). This means you've received and responded to an email from Trimble Viewpoint inviting you to set up your Enterprise Admin account.
  • SSO is possible only for each user with a unique email address. The migration tool referenced in the steps below helps you identify any duplicate instances and correct them.
    Note: The Enterprise Admin's email address must be unique in order to access the ViewpointOne workcenter. Use the VA User Profile form grid to confirm and make any needed changes before proceeding.
  • If your organization is new to Vista and you are setting up user accounts before your company goes live in Production, the steps below still apply. Note that Vista user records must first exist in the VA User Profile form.
  • You may opt to first test the process described on this page with a limited number of user participants to better understand the end-user experience.
Note: Please note the following:
  • Once you complete the steps below, each user whose record you've migrated will receive an automated email invite to enable SSO by configuring their user account. Therefore, do not effect the change to any user that should not yet be allowed to enable SSO.
  • This process will not trigger an email to anyone that has previously accepted an invitation to any other ViewpointOne product (for example, Viewpoint Team). Instead, these users may proceed to log in to Vista using their Viewpoint ID.
  • Once the user completes the steps to configure their user account, their former credentials will cease to function.

Follow these steps to migrate existing Vista usernames to their associated SSO account:

  1. In the VA User Profile form menu, navigate to Tools > Viewpoint One User Migration.
    The Trimble Construction One workcenter opens in your default browser. The page lists the Vista user records as found in the VA User Profile form, each with an indication of eligibility for migration to an SSO account.
  2. (Optional) Use the filter options to narrow the list of records.
  3. Select the check box located left of one or more users whose Status is Ready to be migrated. If you want to select all users eligible for migration, select the check box at the top of the Name column for each page.
  4. For any individual record, if the Status is not Ready to be migrated, the check box is disabled. Choose between making corrections or skipping those records for now and proceeding to the next step. The corrective action that enables the check box depends on the value in the Status column:
    • Email required prior to migration - click in the row within the Unique Email Address column and enter a unique email address. Viewpoint suggests that this be a business email domain or a work-related address.
    • Email assigned to more than one user - use the search bar to locate duplicate records and resolve them as you see fit. Each email address can be assigned to only one user.
  5. Click Migrate Users.
The system takes the following actions:
  • Displays the results of the migration attempt (success or failure) at the top of the page.
  • Updates the Status for each successful migrated user record to Migrated to Viewpoint ID.
  • Sends an email to each affected user, inviting them to configure and begin using their Viewpoint ID (Trimble Construction One SSO account).
    Note: The process will not send an email to anyone that has previously accepted an invitation to any other ViewpointOne product (for example, Viewpoint Team), but these users may proceed to log in to Vista using their Viewpoint ID.
  • Renames all instances within the Vista application where the Vista username is used.
The process you've just begun is complete for each user only after they respond to their email invite and configure their SSO account. After they do, the following changes apply immediately:
  • The user must use the same credentials to log in to other Trimble Viewpoint products.
  • Each subsequent login to Vista by that user will use the new credentials.
  • If for any reason the user's attempt to log in fails, the local client login page appears again for their convenience. Their subsequent login attempt may require the password they chose when configuring their SSO account.

In a future update, all users that have taken these steps to configure their ViewpointID/SSO account will be required to upgrade it to a Trimble account in order to continue logging in. Unlike this migration to Viewpoint ID/SSO, Enterprise Admins will not need to do anything to initiate the process to upgrade users to Trimble. Please see About Upgrading your Viewpoint ID to Trimble.

Integration with Azure AD

If you want to integrate with Azure AD, you must take additional action. Please see About Integrating with Azure AD for steps to complete the process.