Setting Up Vista Users (LAN)

The steps to set up a user that will have access to Vista.

For new profiles, this process also creates the required SQL server login (if the user does not already have one), so that the user can access the Vista database.

Important: Only use these instructions if your organization has an on-premises deployment. Creating records for users in Cloud deployments is different. See Create VRL Cloud User Profiles or Create VEC User Profiles.

In order to complete this process, you must have access to the VA Password form. For instructions, see Applying Form Security Settings.

Press F1 to see additional Help on any field in the form.

To set up a Vista user:

  1. In the VA User Profile form, click the New Record icon ().
  2. In the User Name field, enter the user's login name.
    See User Name for instructions on how to select and format a user name.
  3. In the User Type drop-down, select Vista.
  4. Enter the user information in the upper portion of the form.
  5. Use the Form & Report Options section to set the user’s general settings.
    Note: This form and the User Options form (Options > User Options from the Main Menu) update one another. However, not all of the fields in this section update the User Options form; refer to the F1 help for each field to determine how updates between the forms occur. See User Options for more information.
  6. Use the Defaults section to set defaults for the specific user, batch restriction status, use of SMTP to send email out of Vista, company, AP Pay Category, and notification method.
  7. Use the Permissions section to set the user’s ability to modify Main Menu or form settings, and to determine if the user can view earnings rates in the PR Timecard Entry form.
  8. Use the Override Max # of Rows Returned section to limit data records in lookups, the attachment lister, and forms.
  9. Use the Menu Options section to set the user’s menu options.
    Note: The fields in this section update options in the View and Options menus on the Main Menu (and vice versa). Refer to the F1 help for each field to determine whether it updates the View or Options menu selections.
  10. To automatically log this user out of Vista after a specific number of minutes of idle time, select the Auto-Log Off checkbox.
  11. To prevent lookup columns from auto-sizing to their contents for this user, clear the Auto Size Lookup Columns checkbox.
  12. Enable leave request functionality for this employee. See Enabling Leave Requests for more information.
  13. Set timesheet permissions for the user. For more information, see Set Timesheet Permissions for Users.
  14. If the user will be using the Project Management module, complete the PM Error Corrections and Create and Send sections.
  15. In the Security Groups tab, assign security groups to the user. See Assigning Security Groups for more information.
  16. In the Notification Prefs tab, set notification preferences for the user, as necessary. See Setting User Notification Preferences for more information.
  17. If the user will be using Viewpoint For Projects™, complete the fields in the Project Collaboration tab.
  18. Save the record. If any of the changes impact this form, you may need to close and reopen Vista to see the effect of those changes.
  19. If this user has not been set up in MS SQL Server, and is not a domain user, the system displays a message that the system will attempt to create a SQL Server login. Click Close. The VA Password form opens.
    Note: If the user name contains a domain name, the system assumes that you have created a SQL login and will not attempt to create one.
  20. Enter and re-enter the password in the appropriate fields and click OK.
    The system saves the record and creates a SQL Server login.
  21. Save the record.

    If you are creating a domain user, see also Create a Domain User.