About the VA Work Center Library Form

Use this form to maintain the Work Centers that you and other users have created and saved.

Work centers are added to the library when they are saved using the "save" feature in Work Centers. You cannot use this form to create new work centers. For more information about saving work centers, see Save a Work Center.

Once you save a work center to the library, you can maintain basic information about the work center, such as the name, share status, refresh interval, and work center notes. You can also copy or delete a saved work center. However, changes to the work center content or format must be done in the work center itself.

Share a Saved Work Center

Delete a Saved Work Center

Copy a Saved Work Center

  • Change who can apply the Work Center - The Share With field can either be public or private.
    • Public - Any user can apply the saved Work Center to their application window. If a user has "Denied" access on any inquiries launched from the Work Center, those inquiries will not display when the Work Center is loaded.

    Inquiry security is set up and maintained using the VA Inquiry Security form. When setting up security on an inquiry, there are three access level options: Allowed, None, and Denied. Users with an access level of Allowed or None will be able to access the inquiries included in the Work Center. Users with an access level of None will not see the inquiries in the Work Center and they will not be able to launch them.

    • Private - Only the owner of the saved Work Center can apply it. The owner of the Work Center displays in the Owner field.
  • Renaming a saved Work Center - Open Work Center and change the value in the Work Center Name field. This is the text that displays when a user is selecting which Work Center to apply to their main application window.