Field Definitions: VA Work Center Library Form

The following is a list of field descriptions for the VA Work Center Library form. Many of the descriptions include links to other topics that provide additional information about or related to the topic.

Library ID

This field is used to identify each Work Center that has been saved.

You cannot use the VA Work Center Library form to create a new Work Center. This form is only used to maintain the Work Centers that have already been created by users.


Use this field to enter any notes on the Work Center.

Spelling Check

Click the Spelling icon on the toolbar or select Tools > Spelling to spell check the text in this field.

Add a Standard Note

Standard notes allow you to insert frequently used text into some fields in the application. This text is created and maintained using the HQ Standard Note form.

To insert a standard note into the field, right click the mouse while focus is in the field and select Standard Notes from the shortcut menu, which opens the Standard Note Copy window. Then enter the standard note to copy (or select from F4 lookup) and click OK. The system inserts the selected note into the field.


This field displays the user that created the Work Center.

If you want to change the user in this field, press F4 and then select a user from a list.

Important: If you change the user associated with a Work Center and None is selected in the Shared With field, the user that created the Work Center will no longer be able to select and apply the Work Center.

Refresh Interval

The refresh interval determines how often the system will refresh the information that displays in the Work Center.

For example if you enter a 3 in this field, every 3 minutes the system will refresh the information in the Work Center and any changes that have been made will display.

Shared With

The selection in this field determines which users can apply the Work Center.

  • None - Only the user that created the Work Center can apply it.

  • Public - Any user can apply this Work Center.

Work Center Name

Enter the name of the Work Center as you want it to appear when this work center is added to the application window. Up to 50 characters allowed.