About the VA Work Center Profile Form

Use this form to create a customized set of profiles for Project Management, Service Management, Accounting, and Dashboard Work Centers, and then associate each template/profile with security groups.

Users that are associated with any of the same security groups will then be able to apply the profile to their application window using the Work Centers form. This can reduce the amount of set up that each user has to perform before using the Work Centers feature.

Once a user has applied a profile to their application window, they can customize the Work Centers that display. Changes will only affect how the Work Centers display on the user account; they will not affect the Work Center profile or how the Work Center profile displays on other user accounts.

Users can customize the Work Centers applied using a profile in the following ways:

  • Customize the Work Centers included in a profile - Users can rename/remove menu items and add queries to any work center included in a profile.

  • Add additional Work Centers to the application window - Users can add more Work Centers to their application window as long as the total number does not exceed the limit set up using the Number of Tabs field on VA Site Settings.

  • Remove the Work Centers in a profile using the Work Centers form - Users can remove any work center included in a profile.

An example of using a work center profile

You can create a few customized PM module Work Centers for the Project Managers at your organization and then save them as a Work Center Profile titled "Project Manager". The Project Managers that have access to a security group associated with that Work Center Profile can then select the "Project Manager" profile in the User Profile drop down on the Work Centers form, and then the customized Work Centers will populate on their main application windows. Once the profile has been applied to the user account, it can be customized by the user.

Creating a Work Center Profile