Field Definitions: JB Interface Form

The following is a list of field descriptions for the JB Interface form. Many of the descriptions include links to other topics that provide additional information about or related to the topic.

Bill Month

Specify the bill month for interfacing invoices or enter the current billing month for the billings you wish to move forward to the next month.

Note: If you are re-interfacing a closed-month billing, change the default to a month that is open (in both JC and AR). Billings cannot re-interface to a closed month.

Created By

Enter the user by which to restrict billings displayed in the grid. Press F4 for a list of valid users. Only billings that were created by the selected user and meet all other selection criteria will display in the grid.

If left blank, all billings meeting the selection criteria will display, regardless of who created them.

Restrict by Process Group

Check this box to restrict invoices by a specific processing group. Only invoices assigned to the processing group specified in the Process Group field will display in the grid.

Leave this box unchecked to have all invoices for the specified bill month display in the grid.

Process Group

Enter the processing group (from JB Processing Group) to restrict invoice selection by. Only invoices assigned this processing group will display in the grid.

Interface all bills

Check this box to have the Interface check box automatically selected for all invoices displayed in the grid. Invoices that should not interface can be deselected manually.

Leave this box unchecked to select invoices for interface manually. The Interface check box will default to unchecked for all invoices displayed in the grid.

Include Billings With Blank Invoice Numbers

Check this box to view billings with blank invoice numbers. The Grid will display active billings without an invoice number and billings that are ready for interfacing. The system disables both the Interface checkbox for each item in the grid and the Post button. Uncheck this box to proceed with the interface.


Check this box to interface this invoice when posting the batch.

Move Option

Select an option for moving selected billings.

  • Move Forward - Select this to move the billings to the next month.

  • Move Back - Select this to move the billings to the previous month.

Move all bills

Check this box to have the system automatically check the Move box for all billings in the grid.


Check this box to move this billing to the next or previous month.