About Changing Interfaced or Closed-Month Billings

If you need to make changes to a billing that has already been interfaced to AR, be aware that changes will only update AR if the Status of the billing is “Change.”

Changes made to the header information, billing items, or change order detail will automatically set the status to 'Change' in the bill header. If changes are made to a billing item, the item's 'Change' flag will automatically be set to Y in the JBIT (JB Bill Items) table. When the interface is run, any billing/billing items flagged as 'changed' will update AR.

You can also make changes to billings in a closed month. When accessing a closed-month billing, a message displays (in blue) at the top of the form warning that the sub ledger month is closed; however, changes are allowed. Changing the amount of retainage on a closed-month billing is also allowed, as long as the new retainage value is not less than what has previously been released. However, you cannot change released retainage.

Once you have changed a closed-month bill, it can be re-interfaced; however, it must be re-interfaced to a month that is open in both JC and AR. Since the 'JB Interface Batch Selection' form will automatically default the closed month, you will need to change the month (manually) to an open month before you can proceed with the interface. Additionally, once you have changed and re-interfaced a closed-month billing, additional changes can only be made to billings in months equal to or greater than the closed-month bill.

Note: You cannot delete closed-month billings, nor can you add or delete items from these bills. You can, however, delete an interfaced billing (as long as it is not in a closed month) by changing the status to ‘Delete’ and then re-interfacing the bill.

Regardless of whether you are changing interfaced or closed-month billings, you will typically want to update the previous amounts for all future billings to ensure accuracy. For information on updating previous amounts, see About Updating Previous Billed Amounts on Future Bills.