Set up Equipment Rates with the JB T&M Template Equipment Rate form

Use the JB T&M Template Equipment Rate form to set up equipment rates.

Access this form from either the JB Programs folder or by double-clicking a record on the Equipment Rates tab in JB T&M Template Setup. Use this form to set up equipment billing rates by equipment category.

Equipment categories must be set up in EM Categories before setting up equipment rates. Equipment categories group specified classes and crafts together on a billing. Once categories are set up, this form displays all templates and equipment categories.

To specify how equipment is billed for each equipment category on the template:

  1. Restrict the labor rate by equipment and/or revenue code by checking the Restrict by Equip and/or Restrict by Rev Code boxes. Leave the checkbox blank to indicate “all.” Depending on the selected checkboxes, the Equipment and/or Rev Code fields are enabled.
  2. Indicate the equipment or revenue code in the Equipment and/or Rev Code fields, as necessary.

    For example, you can restrict an equipment category by a specific equipment, but include all revenue codes. Any combination of the two restricting options can be used.

  3. Select the C-Actual Costs or R-Equip Rate option from the Rate Option drop-down.
    Note: If you select C-Actual Costs, equipment is billed using the actual costs posted to JC. If you select R-Labor Rate, labor is billed using the rate specified for the equipment category.
  4. Enter the new rate in the New Rate field.
    Note: You an update old rates for all entries in the grid by selecting File > Move New Rates to Old. When this option is selected, the Old Rate field is automatically updated with the values in the New Rate fields. The New Rate fields do not change and must be manually updated.

    The system will apply the new rate based on the date indicated in the New Equip Rate Effective Date field. To update this date, use the JB TM Template Setup form; for more information, refer to Related Topics below.

    Rates are applied depending on the selected Equipment Rates Option on JB T&M Template Setup. For more information, see Equipment Rate Options in Related Topics below.