Specify the Basis for an Add-on

When entering an add-on sequence in JB T&M Template Setup, use the Basis of Addon tab to specify the basis for the add-on.

For Detailed add-ons, this tab automatically displays all sequences with a “Source” type. For Total add-ons, the tab automatically displays all sequences.

Note: Only lines with a sequence number lower than the current add-on can be added to this tab. When entering an add-on, make sure that all sources using the add-on have already been entered.

To add additional sequences, or to remove sequences that do not apply to the add-on:

  1. Click the Initialize Basis of Addon button. The JB T&M Template Addon Seq form displays.
  2. Check the Select YN box for each sequence that this add-on applies to. To check all boxes, click the Select All button. To deselect all boxes, click the Select All button.
  3. Click Initialize Sequences.

    The JB T&M Template Addon Seq form closes and the selected sequences display in the grid on the Basis using this Addon tab.

    Optionally, add-ons can be applied to sequences using the Addons applied to this Seq tab. To associate an add-on with a sequence, enter the add-on’s sequence number in the Addon Seq field and save the record. To delete an add-on from this sequence, select the add-on record and click the Delete button.