About the JB Processing Group Form

Use this form to set up processing groups.

This form is optional.

Processing groups provide a way to group contracts together for easy initialization and processing of billings. Processing groups can be created for both Progress and T&M contracts, but they must be set up separately.

Note: If combined into one processing group, both the Progress and T&M Initialization creates billings for all contracts in the group. This will either create too many billings or generate errors for billings that cannot be created due to there not being any items of the type being generated.

Use the Contract/Customer tab to assign contracts or customers to the group. Contracts can be assigned to both Progress and T&M groups; however, customers can only be assigned to T&M processing groups.

Customers should only be assigned to a group for non-contract related billings. This is typically done when handling monthly maintenance billings. For example, to process separate monthly service billings for a customer, assign the contract to one group and the customer to another. The contract’s billing can then be processed separately from the customer’s monthly service billing.

Processing groups can also be assigned to contracts using JB Contract Info. Groups assigned via the JB Contract Info form are automatically updated to the Contract/Customer grid for the specified group.

For related information, see About the JB Contract Info Form