About the JC Overrides Copy Cost Revenue Form

Use this form (accessed by selecting the Copy Cost Overrides or Copy Revenue Overrides options from the File menu of JC Override Projections) to copy previous override projection values to the new override projection amounts for costs and revenue (respectively).

You will typically only need to use this form when override projection amounts have not changed from the previous month.

Upon accessing this form, a message displays asking if you are sure you want to replace all new cost (or revenue) override projection amounts with the current previous override projection amounts. You are also given an option to include notes from the prior month. Once you specify whether to include notes, click the Yes button to implement the copy. Otherwise, click the Close button to exit the form and abort the copy.

Note: Be aware that when you use the copy feature, it will affect all jobs (costs) or contracts (revenue) in the grid, not just the job/contract on which you currently have focus. Additionally, once you perform a copy, it cannot be undone. However, you can adjust entries as necessary in JC Override Projections.
Note: If you are using the database security feature and have secured the ‘bJob’ and ‘bContract’ datatypes for ‘bJCOP’ (Job Overrides) and ‘bJCOR’ (Contract Overrides), the copy process will affect only those jobs and contracts to which the current user has access.  

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