Cost Per Period

All cost detail is accumulated on a month-by-month basis in a file called JCCP (JC Cost by Period). For each job/phase/cost type combination, JCCP has record for each month in which there is activity.

The monthly records store the amount by which the value changed during that month. To show the activity for a single month on a report, you restrict the report to just that month. To show job-to-date totals, you have the report accumulate all records through that month. The advantages of this structure are that you can work with multiple periods open at once, and you never lose the ability to go back and print a report for a prior period.

The following chart illustrates how JCCP accumulates information. This example shows only estimated dollars and actual dollars; however, all the types of cost data are handled the same way.

JCCP Structure

Estimated Dollars

Actual Dollars

1/10 Record



2/10 Record



Job-to-Date as of 02/10