Transaction Detail

In addition to the monthly totals that are stored in the JCCP (Cost by Period) file, complete detail of every transaction that affected those totals may, in some cases, also be stored.

This information is necessary if you want to run daily or weekly reports, and for time and materials billing. Detailed backup of JCCP is available as follows:

  • Estimates — A complete record of changes to estimates is kept in the JCAC (Approved Change Order Detail) table and in the JCCD (Cost Detail) table.

  • Committed — Committed costs data is kept in PO and SL, and optionally may also be kept in JCCD.

  • Actual — Complete detail in JCCD.

  • Projected — Projected cost changes are kept in JCCD.

You have a great deal of control over how detailed the information in the JCCD (Cost Detail) file is. Every module that interfaces actual costs to Job Cost has company options that control whether data is summarized upon interface and how. It is important to consider carefully how these options are used; keeping proper levels of detail has a lot to do with how useful your job cost information is. You need to keep enough detail to make your reports meaningful and to provide the information you need to bill out the work.