JC Module Interaction

Job Cost interfaces with almost all of the other Vista modules.

Estimates and change orders may be updated from Project Management. Committed costs are updated from Purchase Orders, Subcontracts, and Inventory Material Orders. Actual costs are updated from Payroll, Accounts Payable, Equipment Management, and Material Sales. Revenue is updated from Job Billing and Accounts Receivable. A direct link is also made from Job Cost to General Ledger.

The programs within the Job Cost module enable you to:

  • post additional cost and revenue adjustments, including costs that can be automatically allocated to jobs using the Process Cost Allocations program, based on other accumulated costs or criteria you define;

  • enter information about work completed using Progress Entry, then use the flexible Cost Projections program to calculate and manipulate projected costs; and

  • use a wide selection of reports to get an up-to-the-minute telescopic view of all Job Cost detail.

Additionally, you can use the capabilities of Crystal Reports to develop an unlimited number of additional job cost reports to meet your specific reporting needs and obtain a clear picture of job profitability to maintain control of your project.