Defining Overtime Calculations

The PR Overtime Schedule (PR Info tab) is used to determine the schedule for daily overtime to be used for the job when running the PR Automatic Overtime processing program.

This will allow daily overtime to be calculated based on different schedules for different jobs. It will be used only if the employee is set up with their overtime flag as “J.”

Using this option, overtime will only be calculated if the employee worked in excess of the straight time hours on a single job or jobs that share an overtime schedule. For example, if two jobs use different schedules that pay overtime over eight hours and an employee worked six hours on each, then no overtime would be calculated because neither job had more than eight hours worked. If overtime should be calculated combining hours on multiple jobs, then these jobs should share an overtime schedule. Jobs with different schedules can still be handled by use of Craft templates.

Automatic Overtime Calculations

PR Auto Overtime