Projection Option

The Projection Option field above grid applies only to change orders with a ‘PM’ source, and displays the projection option defined for the status code assigned to the selected pending change order in PM Status IDs. If a status code’s projection option is set to ‘None’, pending change orders assigned that status code will be excluded from display in this form, regardless of whether the ‘Include in Projections’ option is checked for the PCO’s document type. Pending change orders assigned a status code with a projection option of ‘Display in Projections’ or ‘Display & Calculate in Projections’ must also have the Include in Projections option checked for the PCO’s document type in order to display here.

Note: If the projection option for a status code is set to ‘Display & Calculate in Projections’, the pending change order item amount will be included in the projection calculation, as well as the ‘Future CO’ and ‘Include in CO’ amount columns in the JC Revenue Projections grid.  

JC Revenue Projections