Plugging Projections

The projections grid shows you the Current Units and Dollars, Future CO's Units and Dollars, and Previous Projected Units and Dollars, and provides columns for entering adjusted units and/or dollars or projected units and/or dollars.

Values entered directly in the Projected Units/Projected Dollars columns are considered 'plugged' values, regardless of whether you are entering projections manually or overriding initialized values. On several reports, this value will be used instead of the Current Contract.

If you initialized projections, the projected values (adjusted units/dollars and projected units/dollars) will be based on the projection method used during initialization (i.e., Units from Cost Projections, Billed Units and Dollars, Actual Cost Plus Markup Percent, or Projected Cost plus Markup). You can 'plug' the projected values for any contract item by either manipulating the adjusted units or dollars or the projected units or dollars.

If plugging 'adjusted' values, you will typically specify the amount by which to increase or decrease the final projected values. For example, if your current projected units are 20,000.000 and the final projected units will be 25,000.000, you would enter 5,000.000 as the adjusted units. However, if there are no projected values (i.e. adjusted and projected values are all 0.00), the adjusted values will become the final projected values (e.g. if adjusted units are 25,000.000, final projected units will be 25,000.00).

If plugging 'projected' values, just enter the final projected amount (units or dollars), and the system will automatically calculate the adjusted unit and/or dollar values. To 'unplug' a value, set the Projected Units/Dollars to zero. This will allow the WIP reports to use the Current Estimate.