Field Definitions: JC Cost Types Form

The following is a list of field descriptions for the JC Cost Types form. Many of the descriptions include links to other topics that provide additional information about or related to the topic.

Cost Type

Specify a number (0-255) that identifies this cost type.



JC Cost Types


Enter a description of the cost type, up to 30 characters.



JC Cost Types


Enter a short description (or abbreviation) of the cost type, up to 10 characters. This is the description that will be used every time you enter this cost type in any Cost Type field.

Although it is not required, it is suggested that the first character be unique for each cost type. When entering cost types in all modules, the program will match the first alpha character that you enter to the first character of the cost type, and then the second character, and so on, until a match is made identifying the correct cost type number. If each abbreviation has a unique first alphabetic character, it will accomplish this with just one keystroke.



JC Cost Types

Link Progress Cost Type

Enter a cost type code to link a cost type or press F4 to select a cost type from a list.

The cost type selected in this field should be the primary cost type. For example if labor should be the primary cost type and burden should be the secondary cost type, open the burden cost type and select the labor cost type in the Link Progress Cost Type field. When a plugged value is entered on the labor cost type (JC Cost Projections or PM Cost Projections ), the burden cost type will also be updated.

Click here for detailed information about linking cost types.

Using linked cost types

JC Cost Types

Track Hours

Check this box to track hours, in addition to units and costs, for this cost type. Used typically for labor and equipment cost types.

Leave this box unchecked if only units and costs will be tracked for this cost type.



JC Cost Types


JB Cost Type Category

This field is used to group cost types for T&M billings in Job Billings. Specify the category that applies to this JC cost type.

  • L-Labor

  • B-Burden

  • M-Material

  • S-Subcontract

  • E-Equipment

  • O-Other



JC Cost Types


Use this tab to enter any miscellaneous information about this item.

The space allowance is virtually unlimited.

Spelling Check

Click the Spelling icon on the toolbar or select Tools > Spelling to spell check the text in this field.

Add a Standard Note

Standard notes allow you to insert frequently used text into some fields in the application. This text is created and maintained using the HQ Standard Note form.

To insert a standard note into the field, right click the mouse while focus is in the field and select Standard Notes from the shortcut menu, which opens the Standard Note Copy window. Then enter the standard note to copy (or select from F4 lookup) and click OK. The system inserts the selected note into the field.