Create and send an automated response from with an existing document template

You can create and send automated response forms in the PreConstruction module by changing an existing document template from the PM module.

  • (Optional) - Install the Outlook Add-In onto your workstation. The Outlook Add-In will automatically process incoming emails that contain automated response forms and update the application. If you do not use the Outlook Add-In, you will have to drag and drop the incoming emails onto forms in the application to update the system with the responses. Click here for more information on the Outlook Add-In.
  • For vendors to respond using the automated response form, they must have the following:
    • A recent version of Adobe Reader or Adobe Acrobat installed on their workstation - for example Adobe Reader X, which can be downloaded for free at:
    • JavaScript enabled on their Adobe Reader - in Adobe Reader X you can enable JavaScript by selecting Edit > Preferences > JavaScript, and then checking the Enable Acrobat JavaScript box. If JavaScript is not enabled on their reader, a message will display information on enabling JavaScript when they open the automated response form.
  1. Open PM Create & Send Templates .
  2. Select an Invitation to Bid document template using the Grid tab.
  3. Open the Info tab and click the Automated Response box.
  4. Open the Response Fields tab to see the fields that will display on the automated response form.
  5. (Optional) Change the captions on the automated response form. There are three questions on the Invitation to Bid automated response form. You can change how the questions are phrased on the form using the Caption field.
  6. (Optional) Change the response values that display on the response form using the PM Response Values form. Click here for information on the PM Response Values form.
  7. Click the Save icon.
  8. To send, open the PC Bid Package or PC Potential Projects form, click the Create and Send icon at the top of the form, and click Select a Template.
  9. Select the appropriate template to open the PC Create and Send form. Select the correct vendors and click Send.
  10. When the vendor returns the form, and you have the Outlook Add-in installed, the system will automatically process the response and post it to the correct form. Alternately, you can drag and drop the response directly onto the appropriate form.