Adding Scopes and Phases to a Bid Package

Using the PC Add Scopes & Phases form, you can add selected scopes and phases to a bid package. Scopes and phases added here will be updated to the Scope/Phase tab in PC Bid Package.

The following steps will guide you through the process of adding scopes and phases to a bid package.

Note: Before you use this form, you must have already set up scopes and associated phases in PC Scope Codes and you must have set up at least one bid package for the potential project before you can add scopes and phases here.
  1. Open a potential project in PC Potential Projects.
  2. Click the Set Up Bid Package button.This will open PC Bid Package.
  3. In the Bid Package ID field, enter the bid package that you wan to add scopes and phases to or press F4 to select it from a list.
  4. Click the Add Scopes & Phases button. This will open PC Add Scopes & Phases.
    Note: You can also access PC Add Scopes & Phases by selecting File > Add Scopes and Phases to Bid Package from PC Bid Package.
  5. Enter the scope to add to the bid package in the Scope field or press F4 to select it from a list. The grid will populate with the selected scope and all of its associated phases.
    Note: Scope codes are associated with phases using PC Scope Codes.
  6. Highlight the scopes/phases in the grid. You can use SHIFT to highlight a consecutive list or CTRL to highlight specific scopes/phases.
  7. Click the Add to Bid Package button to add the highlighted scopes/phases to the bid package.
  8. Click Close. The message closes and focus is returned the PC Add Scopes & Phases form, Scope/Phase tab. The scope and phases added to the bid package are cleared from the grid.
  9. To add additional scopes and phases to the bid package, repeat Steps 6-9.
  10. When you have finished adding scopes and phases, click Close. You are returned to the PC Bid Package form, with focus on the Scope/Phase tab.
    Tip: You can also manually add scopes and phases via the Scope/Phase tab in PC Bid Package.

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