Setting up a Bid Package

You can use the PC Bid Package form to create and maintain the bid packages on a potential project.

You can have more than one bid package on a potential project, so you can create a bid package for each area of work (for example, site work, structural, heating and cooling, etc.), or you can create a single bid package for all work that needs to be bid on.

To reduce data entry and improve efficiency, you can also copy an existing bid package rather than creating a new one from scratch. Click here for information on copying an existing bid package.

Follow the steps below to create a bid package.

  1. From the Pre-Construction Programs menu, open PC Potential Projects.

  2. Enter the project you are setting up the bid package for in the Potential Project ID field or press F4 to select it from a list.
  3. Click Set Up Bid Package. This will open PC Bid Package.

  4. In the Bid Package ID field, enter a number or code to identify the bid package.
  5. Enter the name of the bid package in the Name field.
  6. Enter details about the bid package in the Description field. For example the areas of work included in the bid package.
  7. If bidding is sealed for this project, check the Sealed Bid box.
  8. In the Bids Due section, enter the date and time that all bids are due.
    Note: You can enter the date manually or by clicking the calendar button and selecting the correct date from the calendar. Time must be entered in 24-hour format (e.g. enter 8:00 a.m. as 08:00, 8:00 p.m. as 20:00).
  9. In the Walk-Thru section, enter the date and time that the project walk-thru will occur. (See the NOTE in the previous step for information about entering date and time.)
  10. Enter any notes about the project walk-thru in the Notes field.
  11. In the Primary Contact section, enter the name, phone number, and email address of the primary contact for this bid package (typically the person bidders should contact for information about the bid package).
  12. In the Secondary Contact section, enter the name phone number, and email address of the secondary contact for the bid package (typically the person bidders should contact for information about the bid package when the primary contact is unavailable).
  13. You are now ready to add scopes and phases to your bid package. You can add scopes and phases manually (using the Scope/Phase tab) or initialize them using the PC Add Scopes & Phases form. The following steps will guide you through the initialization process.
  14. Add scopes and phases to the bid package.
  15. Create a bid list by selecting potential bidders for the bid package. Click the Select Bidders button to create a list of vendors that should be included on the bid list. This will open PC Select Bidders. Click here for more information on creating a bid list.
  16. Add any inclusions and exclusions to the scopes/phases on the bid package using the Inclusions/Exclusions tab.
Now that you have finished setting up the bid package, you can send a bid invitation, addendum, or notification to contacts on your bid list.

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