Potential Project Conversion

You can convert potential projects in Pre-Construction to an actual project in the Project Management module. Only potential projects that have not already been used to create a PM project can be included in this process.

When creating a PM project from an existing potential project:

  • You must select an existing PM contract with an open or pending status or create a new contract

  • You can create PM subcontract detail using the awarded bids on the potential project

  • You can add contacts to the PM project using the PM contacts assigned to the potential project as team members

Once the new PM project is created from the PC potential project, any document attachments associated with the potential project will be available on the new PM project. The attachments display in the attachment lister on PM Projects and will be indexed to include the PM project number so that they will be included in any document searches that include the new project number. Documents associated with the new project in the PM module will also be available on the potential project.

Create a new PM Project and Contract

Create a PM Project and Select an Existing PM Contract

Create PM subcontract detail using the awarded bids on a PC potential project

Overview: PC potential project to PM project