Pay Category

This field only displays if you checked the Using Payable Category box in AP Company Parameters and if you checked the Specify Pay Type during PO Entry box in PO Company Parameters.

Enter a valid pay category for this purchase order item. The pay category specified here, along with this item's type, determines the default pay type. Initially defaults a pay category as follows:

  • If you have set up a standard or user override in F3 Properties (not recommended), this field defaults the F3 pay category.

  • If an F3 override does not exist, this field defaults the pay category specified for the current user in VA User Profile.

  • If you did not enter an override pay category for the current user, this field defaults the pay category defined in AP Company Parameters (Payable Category Default field).

  • If you did not define a default pay category in AP Company Parameters, this field defaults as blank. (In this case, the pay type will default from AP Company Parameters based on the line's type.)

You can leave this field blank or override the default value.

Note: The pay category specified here will override any defaults set by F3, VA User Profile, or AP Company Parameters when you invoice the purchase order in AP Transaction Entry.

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