Add a New PO Item

To add a new PO item to an existing purchase order in the PO Change Order Entry form.
  1. Click the New Record icon and tab through the Sequence # field. The system automatically assigns the next available sequence number to the new PO change order.
  2. Enter the PO in the PO# field or press F4 to select it from a list.
  3. Enter a new PO item number in the Item# field. You can press F4 to see a list of existing items on the PO. A message will appear when you move out of the Item # field. Click Yes to continue. The PO Add Item form opens.
  4. Enter the PO item information and click Add. This creates the new PO item and returns you to the PO Change Order Entry form. The number of units or total cost of the new PO item is entered on the PO Change Order Entry form after the PO item is created.
  5. If you are creating a lump sum PO item, enter the Total Cost. If you are creating a unit-based PO item, enter the Units. When entering a units-based PO item, the Unit Cost field in the Changes to Current section displays a "0" and is only used to change the unit cost. The unit cost that you entered using the PO Add Item form displays in the Unit Cost column in the lower portion of the form.
  6. Save the record. The Original Unit Cost and Original Total fields are now 0.00. For more information, see Purchase Order Cost Information.
  7. Process the batch.