Edit or Delete an Existing PO Change Order

To edit or delete an existing PO change order, you must first bring it into a batch in the PO Change Order Entry form.
  1. Select File Add Transaction. The PO Add Transaction to Batch form opens.
  2. Select the PO change order that you want to edit or delete in the PO Transaction field. You can press F4 to select the PO change order from a list.
  3. Click Add to Batch. In the dialog box that appears, click Yes to add more PO change orders to the batch, or click No.
  4. If you want to edit the PO change order, make the desired changes.
  5. If you want to delete the PO change order, highlight it on the Grid tab, click the Delete icon, and then click Yes on the message that displays.
  6. Click Save and process the batch.