PO Item Distribution

PO Item Distribution

The PO Item Distribution feature allows you to distribute PO items into multiple lines. This gives you the ability to redirect the costs on a PO item to a different job, phase, or cost type when it is received - for example if a mistake was made when the PO was entered or you want to control costs differently.

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PO change orders (POCOs) always impact PO item line 1. For example:

  • When creating or editing a PO change order, changes to the units and total cost on the PO item impact line 1 of the PO item distribution.

  • If you delete a PO change order, line 1 of the PO item distribution is updated.

  • If you create a new PO item using a change order, the system automatically creates a PO item line 1 that is identical to the PO item. You can then view this line or create new lines using the PO Item Distribution form.