About the PO Batch Process Form

Use this form to process batches created in Purchase Order.

Once you have specified the month and batch to process, the Info section of the screen displays the batch’s creator and creation date, the batch source, and the batch’s status, which is typically “open.”

The next step in batch processing is to validate the information in the batch. Do this by clicking on the Validate button. The form runs through all the data in the batch and creates Audit Reports that you can preview and/or print before posting the batch. It is recommended that you print the audit reports before posting the batch, as reports are no longer available once you post the batch.

Audit reports available for this module:

  • Batch List - Prints the entries in the batch in sequence order. As long as entries exist in the batch, this report can be printed.

  • Job Cost Distribution - Prints the JC Distributions List for the current batch. Data shown will be based on the batch you are processing. For example, if processing a batch of purchase orders, the list will show the PO#, vendor, material, current units, committed units and unit cost, and phase/CT. If processing a batch of purchase order receipts, shows the changes to PO received and backordered units, JC received units and costs, and JC committed units and costs.

  • Inventory Distribution - Prints the PO IN Distribution List (PO Entry) or PO IN Receipts Distribution List PO Receipts Entry). Depending on the batch type, information may include vendor, purchase order, purchase order item, change units, std unit of measure, location, material, and units backorder, received not invoiced, and on order.

  • Error List - Lists the sequence number and the error message for any entries where errors were found in the validation process. You must correct the errors before you can post the batch.

Note: Users who have access to batch processing forms do not automatically have access to the related audit reports. It is recommended that if they will be processing batches, you give them access to the related audit reports using VA Report Security. If users do not have access, they will receive an error message when trying to preview/print those reports to which they do not have access. In addition, if using the ‘Attach Batch Report to HQ Batch Control’ feature (assigned in PO Company Parameters), restricted access to one or more audit reports will prevent the user from posting the batch.

Once the batch is ready for processing, enter the posting date and click the Post button at the bottom of the screen.

  • Updating the Batch - When batches are updated, each batch entry is processed and the system makes all necessary transaction updates. This may involve posting transactions to other modules as well as in PO. The updates displayed here are set in PO Company Parameters.
  • Clearing the Batch - When you create a batch, the system adds the data to a batch table and stores it until you are ready to post the batch. Data is not updated online; therefore, you can delete it completely without affecting any modules, including the module in which you created the batch. To clear a batch table of stored data, select ‘Clear Batch’ from the File menu. The system will clear/delete all data from the batch.
    • Previously posted transactions added to the batch are only cleared from the batch—they are not deleted.

    • The system creates an audit record each time you clear a batch. For information about cleared batches (that is, user who cleared batch, as well as the date and time the batch was cleared), use the VA 'Other Events' Statistics report.

    The Clear Batch option is disabled if the batch’s status is 4 (Posting in Progress). This is to prevent partially updated batches from being deleted should the update process be interrupted (i.e. power outage, system failure, etc.). When a batch update is interrupted, only a portion of the intended updates may occur. If a user later clears the batch, there is no way to determine the updated data.

PO Company Parameters

VA Report Security