Destination PO Items

This last section is used to change specific information for the PO items. Specify whether to keep the pricing from the source PO or whether to use the pricing from the appropriate sources.

The Set Quantities to one option allows you to specify whether to use the source quantities or to set each item's quantitiy to '1' on the new PO. You also have the option to copy item notes and/or user memos. If there are no user memo fields on the Memos tab (Items section), the Clear Item User Memos option is disabled.

The Items grid displays all items from the source PO. The Incl checkbox allows you to specify all items that you want copied to the new PO. Initially, all items will default as checked; therefore, you must manually uncheck those items you do not want copied. This applies also to work order and/or equipment items. Although checking the box will allow these items to be copied, they will only be copied if the 'include' option is checked.

Once you have specified the copy criteria, click the Copy button to initiate the copy process. When complete, a message informs you of what was copied, and provides the option to copy additional PO's. If you select No, you are exited from this form and returned to the Purchase Order Entry form, where you can edit and process the purchase orders as normal.