PO Purchase Order Entry Form

Use this form to set up and/or modify purchase orders.

Header information is entered in the upper section, which includes additional tabs for entering the shipping address or address overrides. The lower section is used to enter PO items, as well as view the cost data for each item.

Auto-Add Material Notes

Notes entered for materials (in HQ Materials) can be automatically added to items on a PO. When entering a purchase order item, if notes exist for the specified material, the “Copy Notes” button (to the right of the tax fields) is enabled. Clicking on this button will automatically add all notes entered for the material to the notes for the PO item, appending them to any notes already existing for the purchase order item.

Posting Freight

You can enter freight as a single line on any purchase order. This is advisable if freight will be billed from the vendor as a separate item. In this case, treat this as a miscellaneous item on the PO and enter it by skipping the material code, entering Freight as the description, LS as the unit of measure, and entering all other fields in the transaction line as required for that type of PO. You can then either access the original dollar amount field later to enter the freight-billed amount or just enter the amount with the invoice.

Purchase Order Form Report

The PO will not display on the Purchase Order Form report until it has been posted. If you want to view the PO before posting it, use the Purchase Order Form By Batch report, which can be launched from the PO Purchase Order Entry form by selecting Options > Reports.

Address Overrides

This Address Overrides tab allows you to override the vendor's standard purchasing and/or payment addresses. In order to use this feature, you must set up at least one additional address for the vendor in AP Additional Addresses. If overriding the purchasing address, the address sequence must have an address type of 'Purchase Order' or 'Both'. For payment addresses, the address type must be 'Payment' or 'Both'. Purchase address will print on the purchase order, payment address will be updated to the invoice header (in AP Transaction Entry, AP Recurring Invoices, or AP Unapproved Invoice Entry) when entering PO lines where the purchase order is referenced. However, this address sequence will only be used if there is no override address or address sequence already specified in the invoice header and if it is the first PO line on the invoice.

Shipping Address

The Shipping tab is used to specify the address to which the items on the purchase order will be shipped.

The system automatically defaults a shipping location based on the information entered in the PO header as follows:

  • If you specified a job, the shipping address defaults from JC Jobs (if defined).

  • If you specified an IN location, the shipping address defaults from IN Locations (if defined).

  • If you specified both a job and an IN location, the shipping address defined for the location will override the job's shipping address.

  • If you specified a ship location, the shipping address defaults from PO Shipping Locations, and overrides all other shipping addresses.

Note: If you enter a purchase order that is for an SM work order and you want the materials shipped to the service site, you will need to either enter the address manually on this tab or set up a Ship Location for that service site and then enter that Ship Location on the PO.

Field Tickets

Field tickets enable you to link labor, material, and equipment costs related to specific work activity on a job, and facilitate owner billing. When you add job-related items to a purchase order, you can assign each item to a field ticket associated with the contract for the specified job. You can assign multiple purchase order items to a single field ticket, as long as the ticket is open (that is, it has a status of Open). Once the status for a field ticket is set to Closed, Approved, Rejected, or Billed, you can no longer post costs to that ticket.
Note: Costs associated with approved field tickets only impact T&M billings; therefore, assigning field tickets to purchase order items for a job is only useful if the job's contract/contract item has a bill type of T&M or Both. For more information about field tickets, see JC Field Ticket.

For more information about field tickets, see JC Field Ticket Form.

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