About Apply to All Quote Lines

This section allows you to update the vendor, ship location, and/or status to all eligible lines on a quote at one time.

Just enter the value (or values) you wish to update and click the Apply button. Each line on the quote will automatically be updated with the specified vendor, ship location, and/or status. For vendor and ship location, entering a dash (-) will set the vendor or ship location to null.

When updating the status, there three options available:

  • Open– This option is automatically assigned to each quote line when it is created. Indicates the q. (Note: Quote lines will also be assigned this status if previously assigned PO's are cleared for any requisition line.)

  • Ready for Vendor – Indicates the quote lines are ready to be sent to vendors. Quote lines with this status will print on the PO Requisition Quote Form report, which can then be sent to selected vendors for quotes.

  • Quoted– Indicates the quote lines have been quoted by a vendor (or vendors).

Note: There are three additional status options that can be applied to a quote line: Ready for Purchase, Completed, and Denied. These options are shown in the drop-down menu of the Status column in the grid. However, they cannot be applied manually to any quote line. They are applied automatically by the system based on where you are in the quote process. These statuses are applied as follows:
  • Ready for Purchase – Indicates the quote line is ready for purchase. This status will only be assigned to quote lines with a status of 'Quoted' if one of the following conditions is met:

    • Approval is required and all assigned reviewers have approved the line or,

    • Approval is not required and no reviewers have been assigned to the line or,

    • Approval is not required, but reviewers have been assigned and all reviewers have approved the line.

Note: Quote lines with this status can be initialized to a purchase order. (Note: Quote lines will retain this status until all of the requisition lines have been initialized to a purchase order.)
  • Completed – Indicates this quote line is complete (i.e. all requisition lines have been initialized to a purchase order).

  • Denied – Indicates this quote line has been denied. Quote lines can only receive this status if they require approval (flag in PO Company Parameters) and one or more reviewers flagged the quote line as 'Rejected' in PO Requisition Reviewer.