Requisition Lines

This tab is display only and shows all requisition lines associated with the selected quote line.

Although you cannot edit existing requisition lines, options are provided that allow you to add new or existing requisition lines or remove requisition lines.

The Add New Req button allows you to create a new requisition 'on the fly' and have that requisition line added to the selected quote. When clicked, the PO Requisition Entry form is displayed, allowing you to enter a new requisition. You will note when entering the requisition lines, the material, material description, UM, and ECM inputs are disabled, as the information defaults from the quote line and cannot be changed. The route is set to 'Quote' and the Status to '2-On Quote'. Once you save the requisition line and exit PO Requisition Entry, you are brought back to this form. The requisition line is added to the quote line, the quote line's status is set to 'Open', and its units updated to reflect the addition of the new requisition line.

The Add Existing Req button allows you to add existing requisition lines to the quote line. When clicked, the PO Add Existing Requisition window displays, allowing you to specify the requisition and line number you wish to add. Once you click OK, the requisition line is added to the quote line. However, requisition lines added to a quote line using this method must reference the same material as the quote line. If they do not, a message displays indicating the requisition line was not added to the quote line.

Note: Requisition lines (new or existing) do not require approval before they are added to a quote line via this form, regardless of how you have set the company flags. It is assumed that a purchasing manager will typically use this form and that purchasing managers do not generally require prior approval to purchase additional materials. In other words, adding requisition lines using the Add Existing Req button disregards the Approval Required on RQ for Quote check box in PO Company Parameters (Requisition Info tab).

The Remove Req button allows you to delete a requisition line from a quote line (applies only to quote lines not flagged as Complete). Just highlight the line you wish to delete and click the Remove Req button. If the requisition line has not already been initialized to a purchase order, it will be removed from the quote line.

Note: Removing a requisition line from a quote line does not delete the requisition line from PO Requisition Entry. It will still be available for initialization to another quote.
Tip: If only one requisition line exists for a quote line and you delete it, the Add New Req, Add Existing Req, and Remove Req buttons are disabled. The addition of requisition lines to the quote line must then be handled via the PO Quote Initialization form (via the Add to Existing) quote option.

The View Req button allows you to review the selected requisition line in PO Requisition Entry. However, requisition lines will be disabled and cannot be edited or deleted.