About the PO Initialize Receipts Form

Use this form if you are entering a large number of receipts.

You can also enter receipts using PO Receipts Entry , but that form is designed for creating individual receipts, editing receipts created using the PO Initialize Receipts form, and editing and deleting receipts that have already been posted.

Click here for an overview on receiving purchase orders in the PO module.

  • Enter a receipt - See how here.
  • Automatically receive all units left on the PO - See how here.
  • Manually enter the units to receive - See how here.
  • Fix a mistake - If you entered a receipt incorrectly, you can fix it using the PO Receipts Entry form. This is because receipts entered using the PO Initialize Receipts form can also be opened using the PO Receipts Entry form. Click here for information on editing a receipt that has not been posted, or here for information on editing a receipt that has already been posted.
  • Process the batch - Once you have entered all of the receipts, select File > Process Batch to process the batch. This will open the PO Batch Process form. Click here for more information about processing batches using this form.
  • Add/View Attachments - Attachments can be added and viewed using the Attachments button. This button is only enabled when a PO number has been entered into the form.
  • Additional Fields - There are three additional fields in the grid that by default do not display. Use the Field Properties (F3) form to display the JC Co, Job, and Job Desc display fields, as necessary (by checking the Show in Grid box). For more information, see F3 (Field Properties).