Field Definitions: Initialize Receipts Form

The following is a list of field descriptions for the PO Initialize Receipts form. Many of the descriptions include links to other topics that provide additional information about or related to the topic.

Receipt Date

Enter the receipt date of the POs in the batch. By default this field will populate with the current date.

Received By

Use this field to identify the person receiving the purchase order.

By default this field will populate with your user login.

PO #

Enter the purchase order being received or press F4 to select a PO from a list.

The purchase order number can be up to 30 characters long.

Receiver #

Enter the receiver number, for example the packing list number. The value in this field can be up to 20 characters long.

Receive All

The selection in this check box determines how the fields in the lower portion of the form populate.

Select this check box if you want to automatically receive all of the units left on all of the PO items. This receives the full backordered amount for each item on the PO and sets the Backordered amount to 0.00.

For example, select this check box if you are receiving a PO with multiple items, and all remaining units on those PO items.

Leave this check box cleared if you want to manually select which PO items to receive. The Received This Time amount is set to 0.00 and the Backordered amount is set to the current backordered amount.

For example, leave this box unchecked if you are receiving a PO with several items, but only a portion of the units on those PO items.

Received This Time

If you checked the Receive All box, this field defaults the current backordered amount for each item, and the Backordered field is set to 0.00. If you did not elect to automatically receive all backorders, this field defaults 0.00; may be overridden.

Note: If this receipt is for a standing PO (i.e. the PO's total cost is 0.00), this field will always default to 0.00, regardless of how you set the Receive All checkbox.


This field displays the number of units left to be received on each PO item. Changing the value in this field is changing the units that you expect to receive on the PO item - for example if the order has changed, or you are recording a shortage and creating a new PO for the shortage amount.

Note: If this receipt is for a standing PO (i.e. all items on the purchase order have 0.00 units and/or unit cost), this field will always default to 0.00.


Enter any miscellaneous notes about this item.

Add a Standard Note

Standard notes allow you to insert frequently used text into some fields in the application. This text is created and maintained using the HQ Standard Note form.

To insert a standard note into the field, right click the mouse while focus is in the field and select Standard Notes from the shortcut menu, which opens the Standard Note Copy window. Then enter the standard note to copy (or select from F4 lookup) and click OK. The system inserts the selected note into the field.

Spelling Check

Click the Spelling icon on the toolbar or select Tools > Spelling to spell check the text in this field.