Automatically Receive All Units Left on the PO

Follow the steps below to automatically receive all of the units left on the PO - for example if you are receiving a PO with several PO items, and all of the units on those PO items are being received.

Take these steps in the PO Initialize Receipts form.
  1. Select the Receive All check box.
    The fields in the lower portion of the form populate so that all of the remaining units on the PO are received. For example the Received This Time field populates with all of the units left to be received on each PO item, and the Backordered field value is zero since no items are left to be received.
  2. Verify that the received and backordered amounts are correct on each PO item.
  3. Click Update. This items are recorded as received and the fields reset.
Enter more receipts if needed.