Edit a Receipt That Has Been Posted

Follow the steps below to edit a receipt that has been posted (in a batch that has been processed). This includes deleting a receipt that has been posted.

  1. From the PO Receipts Entry form, select File > Add Transaction. This will open the PO Add Transaction to Batch form.
  2. Press F4 in the PO Transaction field and then use the lookup form to select the receipt that you would like to change.
  3. Click the Add to Batch button when complete.
  4. A message will display if the receipt was added to the batch. Click Yes to add more receipts or No to return to the PO Receipts Entry form.
  5. The receipt that you added to the batch will display on the Grid tab. Select the receipt that you would like to change and then open the Info tab.
  6. Make changes to the receipt.
    Note: To delete a receipt, select Delete from the Type drop down menu. If you try to delete the receipt using the Delete Record icon at the top of the form, you are just removing the receipt from the batch.
  7. Click the Save icon to save your changes when complete.
  8. Now you can either enter more receipts into the batch or post the receipts.
Once you have entered all of the receipts, select File > Process Batch to process the batch. This will open the PO Batch Process form. Click here for more information about processing batches using this form to post the receipts.
Note: Receipts posted to SM-related purchase orders will automatically update the received units/costs for the corresponding work completed purchase lines in SM Work Orders (Work Completed tab). Additionally, if you checked the Update GL/Sub Ledgers on Receipt option in PO Company Parameters, the system will add a cost entry to the Posted Detail grid (SM Work Orders) for each work completed purchase line.