Enter a Receipt

Follow the steps below to enter a receipt in the PO Initialize Receipts form.

When you open the PO Initialize Receipts form, the Receipt Date and Received By fields populate with default information.
  1. In the PO # field, enter the PO that you would like to receive or press F4 to select it from a list. Once a PO is selected, the system will display all of the PO items that are set up to be received in the lower portion of the form.
    Note: If you use the PO Item Distribution feature, the grid in the lower portion of the form displays the distribution lines on each PO item. Click here for information on the PO Item Distribution feature.
    Note: You can only receive a PO that is set up to be received. For example when creating POs using the PO Purchase Order Entry form, select the Receiving check box on the Info tab in the lower portion of the form if the PO item should be received.
  2. (Optional) Use the Receiver # field to enter receipt information, for example a packing list number.
  3. You can either automatically receive all of the units that have not been received on the PO items, or you can manually enter the units that you would like to receive.