Receiving Purchase Orders

You can receive purchase orders in the PO module or you can just invoice them in the AP module.

  • PO Module - Receiving purchase orders in the PO module allows you to enter shipments received in the PO module and immediately update the inventory on hand in the Job Cost module. This feature is also useful if you want to make month-end accrual entries based on the items that you have received, but not invoiced.
  • AP Module - You can also skip receiving purchase orders in the PO module. Once a PO has been entered, you can invoice it using the AP module. You can then close the purchase order using the PO Close form once all of the units on the PO have been invoiced, or you can create a change order for the units that have not been invoiced.

Receiving POs in the PO module

Receiving POs in the PO module has four steps, which are outlined below.

Click on the links below for more information about a specific step.

Step 1 - Create the PO

When creating PO items, make sure that they are set up to be received in the PO module. For example when creating a PO item in PO Purchase Order Enter, make sure that the Receiving box in the lower portion of the form is checked on all PO items that should be received in the PO module.

Step 2 - Optional - Distribute PO Items into multiple lines

The PO Item Distribution feature is an optional step that allows you to distribute PO items into multiple lines. This gives you the ability to redirect the costs on a PO item to a different job, phase, or cost type when it is received. Click here for an overview on the PO Item Distribution feature.

Distribution lines are created and maintained using the PO Item Distribution form. This form can be opened from the Programs folder, or from PO Receipts Entry by selecting Tasks > Open PO Item Distribution.

Step 3 - Record the receipt

There are two ways to enter receipts in the PO module:

  • PO Initialize Receipts
  • PO Receipts Entry

Use this form if you have a large number of receipts to enter. Click here for more information.

PO Receipts Entry

Use this form to:

  • Modify receipts that were entered using the PO Initialize Receipts form, but not posted. Click here for more information.
  • Modify receipts that were posted - for example if you need to delete a receipt that has already been posted. Click here for more information.
  • Enter a new receipt- This form is designed for entering individual receipts. Use the PO Initialize Receipts form if you are entering a large number of receipts.

Step 4 - Post the batch

After you have entered the receipts, select File > Process Batch from either PO Initialize Receipts or PO Receipts Entry. This will open the PO Batch Process form, which is used to process the batch and post the receipts.

Once the receipts have been posted, you can invoice the received amounts using the AP module. By default you cannot invoice more than what has been received.

Note: The Audit Options tab on the AP Company Parameters form includes set up options that allow you to invoice more than what was received.

When you post receipts for Inventory and Job PO’s, the Received Not Invoiced field tracks goods that have been received but not invoiced in Accounts Payable. When the invoice is posted in AP Transaction Entry , this field is relieved and transferred to the actual/invoiced field. When posting receipts for Inventory PO’s in PO Receipts Entry, the amount On Order is reduced and the Received Not Invoiced amount is increased. This in turn updates the On Hand quantity in Inventory.

Receipts posted to purchase orders for SM work orders will automatically update the received units/costs for the corresponding work completed purchase lines in SM Work Orders (Work Completed tab). Additionally, if you elected to update GL/subledgers on receipt (option in PO Company Parameters), the system will add a cost entry to the Posted Detail grid (SM Work Orders) for each work completed purchase line.

Invoice POs in the AP module

If you don't want to receive a PO in the PO module, leave the Receiving check box cleared when creating the PO items. When the PO is invoiced using the AP Transaction Entry form, the Received and Invoiced amounts are both updated, but the Received Not Invoiced fields in JC and IN are not updated.

PO Receipts Entry

PO Initialize Receipts