About the PO Requisition Entry Form

Use this form to set up and/or modify requisitions.

In addition to being added manually in this form, requisitions can also be added via initialization (PO Requisition Initialization) or PM Material Detail. However, requisitions created via PO Requisition Initialization and PM Material Detail are limited to specific line types. PO Requisition Initialization generates either Inventory or Work Order requisition lines based on low stock or parts needed for work orders, respectively. PM Material Detail will generate only Job requisition lines based on materials set up for a project. For information about requisitions created using these forms, see Related Topics below.

Note: When you open this form, it defaults to the last requisition ID that you accessed. Tasks
  • Manually Assigning Reviewers - You can manually assign "Active" reviewers (setup in the HQ Reviewers form) to any requisition line, regardless of whether you have set the company flags to require approval before adding requisition lines to a quote and/or purchase order. For details, see About Manually Assigning Reviewers.
  • Automatically update the lines on a requisition - Use the Update All Items button to update all requisition lines that are not on a quote or purchase order with a selected vendor, ship location, required date, and/or route status. Click here for more information.
  • Requisition # - Requisition numbers can be assigned manually or automatically. If you always use numeric requisition numbers, use the “auto generate” feature (flag in PO Company Parameters) to have requisition numbers assigned automatically during requisition entry. When 'N', 'New', or '+' is entered for a new requisition, the system will generate a sequential number based on the Last Used RQ # specified in the company file. Once assigned, the requisition number is updated to the Last Used RQ #. If you use both alphanumeric and numeric requisition numbers, then manual entry will probably work best for you.
    Note: You can manually assign requisition numbers even if you are using the 'auto generate' feature. However, manually assigned numbers will not update the Last Used RQ# field. If the 'auto-generate' process encounters an existing number (e.g. one that was entered manually), it will pull up the existing requisition. You will need to enter 'N', 'New', or '+' to start a new requisition with the next available number.
  • Status Field: Items - The status of a requisition line indicates where the requisition is during its processing. Initially, each requisition line is assigned a status of 'Open'. Then as the requisition is approved, added to a quote or purchase order, etc., the system automatically updates the status accordingly. There are seven statuses that can be assigned to a requisition; see here.

  • Copy Notes - The Copy Notes button is only enabled if notes exist for the specified material in HQ Materials. When clicked, the notes entered for the material are copied to the Notes tab for the requisition line. Once the notes are copied (indicated by a checkmark on the Notes tab), the button is disabled.
  • Shipping - This tab is used to enter or modify the shipping address for a requisition line. Each line will automatically default a shipping address based on the line type (e.g. if a job, defaults the job's shipping address from JC Jobs). If a Ship Location is specified, it will override the default address with the shipping address defined in PO Shipping Locations. You can also override the address manually.
  • Quote Tab - This display-only tab provides Quote and PO information for each requisition line. Once the line is added to a quote, the associated quote number, quote line, and expected date are displayed. Then when the line is added to a purchase order, it shows the purchase order and item number.

PO Requisition Initialization

PM Material Detail

PO Item Apply