About the PO Company Parameters Form

Use this form to set up PO companies for processing purchase orders and requisitions.

You must first create each company in HQ Company Setup and define the company in this form before you begin processing in PO. It is recommended that you restrict this form so only the System Administrator has access to it.

Generally you do not have to make changes to this form once the PO module has been set up. If you do make changes, be careful. Changing these options may affect processing or stored information. If you want to change an option, but are unsure of its effect on existing, data in the system, call Viewpoint Support.

Note: Each PO company that you set up on this form must have a corresponding Accounts Payable company with the same number. Tasks
  • Setting up the audit options - The audit options determine when new entries are created in the HQ Master Audit (HQMA) table. Click here for more information on PO audit options, and here for more information on requisition audit options.
  • Setting requisition approval options - The PO module enables you to assign reviewers to requisitions, enabling an approval process. If you want to enforce the approval process, you can have the system enforce the approval process for both quote and purchase lines.
  • Track changes to this form - The HQ Master Audit (HQMA) table contains a list of changes to records in the application. For example, if you change a setting on a company parameters form, a new entry is created in the HQMA table so that there is a record of the change.See About Viewing the Master Audit Log for more information about viewing information in the HQMA table.

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AP Company Parameters