Purge Requisitions

Purging requisitions removes header records from the system.

The purge process also removes all requisitions lines with a status of Complete. If any requisition lines are not complete, the system will not purge the header record. The purge process does not update PM Subcontract Detail.

To purge requisitions:

  1. Open the Requisitions tab on the PO Purge form.
  2. Iin the Purge Requisitions with a Date Through field, enter a date.
    Note: This field represents the date the requisitions where entered into the system.
  3. To purge all quote lines that are not associated with any requisition, select the Purge Orphaned Quote Lines check box.
  4. To purge all requisitions with a Denied status, select the Purge Denied Requisitions check box.
  5. Click Update.
    All of the requisitions that meet the criteria are listed in the Available Requisitions section.
  6. In the Available Requisitions section, either:
    • highlight only the requisitions that you would like to purge and click Add, OR

    • click Add All.

    Tip: To purge all of the requisitions in the Available Requisitions section, click the Add All button. You can also use the Remove and Remove All buttons to move the requisitions from the Requisitions to Purge section back to the Available Requisitions section.
    The selected requisitions display in the Requisitions to Purge section.
  7. Once all of the requisitions that you would like to purge display in the Requisitions to Purge section, click Purge.
  8. In the dialog box that appears, click Yes.