About Changing Existing Subcontracts

Changes to a previously added subcontract’s original amounts, as well as any other changes, may be made within certain limitations. To change a subcontract, bring it into a batch by using SL Add Transaction to Batch (accessed by selecting File > Add Subcontract).

Once you add a subcontract to the batch, changes can be made to any information in the header, except for the subcontract number and the Job Cost company. Use SL Compliance to make changes to previously initialized compliance detail.

Items can be deleted or changed as long as they do not have posted change orders or invoices. If change orders or invoices exist, the job, phase, cost type, and unit of measure cannot be changed.

Original amounts can be changed on existing items under the following conditions:

  • If all of an item’s Original and Current values are equal, then any Original amount can be changed.
  • If an item’s Original and Current Unit Cost are equal, but its Original and Current Units or Total Cost are not, then Original Units and Total Cost can be changed, but Original Unit Cost cannot.

Changes to Original amounts will make an equal change to Current amounts, so that the Change Detail will represent the difference between Original and Current. Total and Remaining Committed Units and Costs will also be adjusted in JC.

The Vendor field (subcontractor) cannot be changed under the following conditions:

  • The subcontract has been invoiced;
  • The subcontract has associated change orders; or,
  • The subcontract is in a worksheet.