About Entering Add-on Items

Add-on items are entered in SL Subcontract Entry and are used to handle additions and deductions that should be separated from other items on a subcontract.

Add-on items are similar to regular subcontract items in that they have original, current, and invoiced costs; they can have change order detail; and they update committed costs in Job Cost. The most common use of this line type is for subcontractor bonds.

When entering an add-on item, specify a valid Add-on# (as set up in SL Add-ons). The description, percentage or amount, and phase/cost type assigned to the add-on will be used as defaults in this form.

Percent add-ons default an amount based on the percent specified and the total of all regular items on the subcontract. For example:

Subcontract Total:


Add-on %:


Add-on Amount:


($50,000 ´ –2.00%)

Amount type add-ons default the fixed amount specified in SL Add-ons, which may be overridden.

Note: When entering a Percent type add-on, the form displays Original Total Contract and Calculated Amount, whereas an Amount type add-on displays Original Units and Unit Cost, both of which are set to 0.00. These fields are display only.