About Multi-Company Processing

Subcontract Ledger has a direct relationship with two other accounting modules.

  • Each subcontract must be tied to a valid job from the Job Cost module.

  • The subcontract will be paid to a valid vendor in Accounts Payable.

The Accounts Payable relationship cannot be multi-company because subcontracts set up in one SL company must always be invoiced and paid in the same company of the Accounts Payable module.

Multi-company processing is possible though for Subcontract Ledgers relationship with the Job Cost module. This can enable you to set up subcontracts in one SL company for jobs that have been set up in a different Job Cost company, or for jobs set up in more than one Job Cost company. There is no special setup for multi-company processing in SL Company Parameters. The Job Cost company to which each SL transaction is associated is specified when you enter a transaction.