About the SL Add-Ons Form

Use this form to set up add-ons.

Add-ons provide a way to handle additions and common deductions to a subcontract that must be separate from other items on the subcontract. Examples of add-ons are deductions for bonds, dues, and liquidated damages.

For each add-on, define whether it is a fixed amount or calculated as a percentage of the subcontract’s total amount. Add-ons can also be assigned to a phase/cost type; each time the add-on is referenced on a subcontract, the calculated amount is posted to the phase/cost type specified on this form. (Percentages, fixed amounts, and phase/cost types defined on this form are defaults, and may be overridden when posting add-ons in SL Subcontract Entry.)

When the Percent radio button is selected, the Apply Percentage to Each Invoice check box is available. This check box determines the current invoice amount for add-ons when invoicing subcontracts in SL Worksheet. When an add-on is set up on a subcontract, the add-on amount is calculated on the subcontract’s total. When this check box is selected, and an invoice is posted against the subcontract, the system calculates the add-on’s current invoice amount based on the specified percent and the sum of the invoice amounts for all regular and change order items on the subcontract. If this check box is not selected, the full amount of the add-on is invoiced all at once. For more information, refer to the F1 help for the Apply Percentage to Each Invoice field.

Once an add-on has been set up, use SL Subcontract Entry to attach an add-on to a subcontract. For more information, see Add-on Items in Related Topics below.

Add-on Items