About the SL Change Order Entry Form

Use this form to change the current contract amounts on “regular” or “add-on” subcontract items, or to add new change order items to the subcontract.

Changes posted to existing or new items do not affect a subcontract’s Original units or costs. Instead, current units and costs are updated (original plus change order).
Note: As changes are made to regular or change order items, add-ons may be affected if they are calculated as a percent of the contract. This form does not automatically trigger the application of a change order to an add-on item. However, if the changes are made to the regular and change order items, and the add-on item is then added to the batch, the amount of change to the add-on is automatically calculated and defaulted on the record.

Add a Change Order Item to a Subcontract

Posting SL Change Orders in Other Forms