About the SL Retainage Adjustment Form

Use this form to change specified retainage percentages without accessing each open subcontract in SL Subcontract Entry or in SL Worksheet.

When setting up regular and change order items for a subcontract in SL Subcontract Entry, the retainage percent for both Work Completed and Stored Materials can be specified.

The percentages can be changed for Work Completed, Stored Materials, or both. All items can be updated or only those that meet a certain criteria (specified in the Update only if Current Retainage% Equals field). The update processes only the subcontract(s) assigned to the specified JC company and job. Although a batch is not processed and an audit list is not created, changes made in this form are recorded in the HQ Master Audit file as long as the SL Entry/Change Orders check box is selected in SL Company Parameters.